Independent examination

We promptly prepare financial statements and carry out independent examinations, discuss the implications of the figures and recommend appropriate action if needed. 


The owner has abundant knowledge and experience in corporate and charity accounting and independent examination. We are always available to discuss your financial, accounting and management issues. We offer strategic advice to management and trustees.


Our team are efficient and thorough. The owner takes an active role in the independent examination process until the financial statements are filed to companies house and charity commission.


Our charity client consists of charities in the top 500 and 3000 charities in UK. We also work directly with trustees and management of faith-based charities, educational establishments, other types of charities.


We carry out independent examinations for Solicitors accounts under the SAR. We also provide examination services to organisations operating Pension Schemes, under the Pensions Act 1995.


We provide independent examinations for companies, incorporated and unincorporated charities.